Tidal Transit Ltd

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Our services

Our transit services are suitable during all phases of the project including planning, survey, construction and cable-laying, testing, commissioning and maintenance.

Typical roles:

  • Fast, safe and comfortable transfer of personnel
  • Transport of tools, equipment and spares
  • Delivery of fuel and consumables
  • Survey work
  • Accommodation, catering and facilities during rest breaks
  • Offshore base for site-meetings, planning, project management
  • Diving station
  • Services to all types of marine installation such as oil rigs etc

Our category 1 certificate allows us to work at up to 150 miles from a safe haven and can stay at sea for more than 24 hours. With bunks, showers, toilets and fully-equipped commercial grade kitchen we provide wholesome hot and cold meals for your staff where required.

Our experienced, fully-committed and qualified crew members are based locally and are employed directly by us so there are no ‘hidden’ travel or accommodation costs.

Our state-of-the-art, no-compromise workboats were specified and designed specifically to serve the arduous demands of the offshore wind energy industry.

We are fully insured with cargo cover included up to the value of £20,000.